Item Ocelot L3
Level 3
Type Weapon / Beam weapon
Description Manufacturer: BlackSun

When equipped, the GETCo Ocelot gives increased Repair Equipment Skill and an increase to the Ship's Maneuverability.

GETCo: Continuing our 500 year tradition of sustainable development.

Buy price 14,363.00
Sell price 1,105.00


Can trade true
Can destroy true
Is unique false
Can store true
Usable by race all
Usable by professsion all

Weapon Stats

Damage Type plasma
Damage (200%) 20.00 (30.00) 
Reload (200%) 4.00 sec (4.00 sec)
Energy/shot 37 
Range 1200m


Buff name Buff description
Increase Maneuverability (Equip) Increases turn rate by 30% when equipped. 
Improved Repair Equipment (Equip) Decrease repair time by 7.00% when equipped.


Level Component
 ? Ocelot L2 
 ? K3 Voltage Amplifier

Used to BuildEdit

Level Item
4 Ocelot L4