Item Trident Beta
Level 3
Type Weapon / Beam weapon
Description Manufacturer: Tada-O

When equipped the Sparta Trident gives a Boost to your Projectile Range,

Sparta. When the Call comes, be ready.

Buy price 17,557.00
Sell price 1,351.00


Can trade true
Can destroy true
Is unique false
Can store true
Usable by race jenquai restricted
Usable by professsion all

Weapon Stats

Damage Type energy
Damage (200%) 28.00 (42.00) 
Reload (200%) 7.00 sec (7.00 sec)
Energy/shot 52 
Range 1105m


Buff name Buff description
Boost Projectile Range (Equip) Increases Projectile Range by 22% when equipped.


Level Component
 ? Trident Alpha 
 ? Turbo2 Wiring Rig

Used to BuildEdit

Level Item
4 Trident Gamma